Scientific Publications

Huge resources in Scientific Research Activities, continuous collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes Worldwide


At Eurocoating we invest huge resources in scientific research activities. Decades of continuous collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes worldwide have led to invaluable scientific investigations. Collaborations push our R&D team to keep an open-minded approach to daily problems and to stay constantly up to date about new technology and methods.

Moreover, top-level collaboration gives rise to ever-new career opportunities and strongly contributes to fostering professional motivation. For us R&D, in a fast evolving technological world, is a total commitment. Since the ’90s, we have been performing scientific, technical and biological research in collaboration with international partners.




With more than 150 papers, our archive is an invaluable common heritage, available to all our partners.


  • Experimental study on the properties of hydroxyapatite coated implants
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  • In vivo assessment of bone ingrowth potential of 3-dimensional E-beam produced implant surfaces and the effect of additional treatment by acid-etching and hydroxyapatite coating
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  • Histological and biomechanical analysis of porous additive manufactured implants made by direct metal laser sintering: a pilot study in sheep
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  • A novel silicon-based electrochemical treatment to improve osteointegration of titanium implants
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  • Characterization and cytocompatibility of a new injectable multiphasic bone substitute based on a combination of polysaccharide gel-coated OSPROLIFE (®) HA/TTCP granules and bone marrow concentrate
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  • Titanium and hydroxyapatite coating of polyetheretherketone and carbon fiber-reinforced polyetheretherketone: A pilot study in sheep
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  • Changes in Sinus Membrane Thickness after Lateral Sinus Floor Elevation: A Radiographic Study
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