Scientific Publications

A highly proficient company in scientific publications

Since the both ’90s we have been performing scientific, technical and biological research in collaboration with international partners.

With more than 150 communications, our archive is an invaluable common heritage, available to all our partners.

Some examples of Eurocoating's commitment to the dissemination of knowledge:

  • Thermal Plasma Spray Deposition of Titanium and Hydroxyapatite on Polyaryletheretherketone Implants; P. Robotti, G. Zappini; Chapter 9, pages 119-143, PEEK Biomaterials Handbook by S. M. Kurtz; 2012. ISBN: 978-1-4377-4463-7 
  • Iterface strength and hystomorphometric quantification of Hydroxyapatite-coated porous titanium implants; Moroni, Caja, Egger, Gottsauner, Wolf, Rollo; 38th Annual Meeting, ORS, Washington DC, USA; 1992
  • Osteointegraciòn de implantes porosos recubiertos con HA. Estudio experimental; Caja, Moroni, Chao; Rev. Ortop. Trauma; 1992
  • Bone ingrowth analysis and interface evaluation of HA coated versus uncoated titanium porous bone implants; Moroni, Caja, Egger, Pezzuto, Chao; Bioceramics, vol.5; 1992
  • Hydroxyapatite coated plate combined to bone grafting in the forearm non unions with bone loss; Moroni, Galli, Rollo, Zinghi; Fourth world biomaterials congress, April 24-28, 1992 Berlin
  • Physical, chemical and biological characterisation of Hydroxyapatite coatings of differentiated crystallinity; Gabbi, Borghetti, Cacchioli, Antolotti, Pitteri ;Fourth world biomaterials congress, April 24-28, 1992 Berlin
  • X-ray diffraction of newly formed bone close to alumina- or hydroxyapatite-coated femoral stem; Savarino, Cenni, Stea, Donati, Paganetto, Moroni, Toni, Pizzoferrato; Biomaterials, vol.14; 1993
  • Improvement of the bone-pin  interface with Hydroxyapatite coating: An In Vivo long-term experimental study; Moroni, Orienti, Stea, Visentin; Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma vol. 10; 1996
  • Biomechanical, Scanning Electron Microscopy, and Microhardness Analyses of the bone-Pin Interface in HA coated versus uncoated Pins; Moroni, Caja, Maltarello, Savarino, Marinelli, Stea, Visentin, Giannini; Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma vol. 11; 1997
  • Properties of plasma sprayed bioactive fluorhydroxyapatite coating; Ranz, Rey, Antolotti, Harmand, Moroni, Orienti, Viola, Bertini, Scrivani; Bioceramic vol.10; 1997
  • A Comparison of Hydroxyapatite-Coated, Titanium-Coated, and Uncoated Tapered External-Fixation Pins. An in Vivo Study in Sheep; A. Moroni et al.; J Bone Joint Surg Am. 1998;80:547-54.
  • Biologic effects of surface roughness and fluorhydroxyapatite coating on osteointegration in external fixation systems: An in vivo experimental study; L. Savarino et al.; J Biomed Mater Res 66A: 652–661, 2003
  • Surface silver-doping of biocompatible glasses to induce antibacterial properties. Part II. plasma sprayed glass-coatings; E. Verne´ et al.; Journal Material Science Materials in Medicine - Volume 20, Number 3, March, 2009 pp 741-749
  • Synthesis and characterisation of bioactive and antibacterial glass ceramic Part 2 – plasma spray coatings on metallic substrates; E. Verne´ et al. Advances in Applied Ceramics 2008, Vol. 107, No 5, pp 245-51
  • Plasma Sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings from nanostructured granules; C. Renghini et al.; Materials Science and Engineering B 152 (2008) 86–90
  • Bone super conductivity of polarized Plasma Sprayed HA coatings; K. Yamashita; 21st European Conference on Biomaterials, 09-13th September, 2007, Brighton, UK
  • Microstructural and mechanical characterization of Ti-6Al-4V biomedical components produced by ebeam; L. Facchini, E. Magalini, P. Robotti, A. Molinari; 21st European Conference on Biomaterials, 09-13th September, 2007, Brighton, UK
  • Possibility to use rapid manufacturing technology in the medical devices market: free geometry and intrinsic surface roughness; E. Magalini, P. Robotti; Rapid Implant Manufacturing Forum; Leuven, Belgium, September 12, 2007
  • Improved Coating of Implant Surfaces Using Phosphoserine Terminated Semi-dendrimer for Enhanced Osteointegration; S.Meikle et al.; 8th World Biomaterials Congress 2008, May 28 – June 1, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Effects of Plasma Spray HA coating process onto mechanical properties of PEEK and Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK; S. Vedova et al.; 8th World Biomaterials Congress 2008, May 28 – June 1, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Mechanical and microstructural characterization of ASTM f75 alloy produced by Laser Melting; L. Facchini et al.; 16th Congress European Society of Biomechanics, Lucerne (Switzerland), July 6th – 9th, 2008
  • PEG based SAMs onto TIO2 Surfaces to improve performance of Titanium Bone Implants; S.Bozzini et al.; InVENTS - 5^th Marie Curie Cutting-Edge Conference - Funchal Island, Madeira, Portugal, 14-18 April 2008
  • Development of Polarized Hydroxyapatite Ceramics and Coatings for Novel Applications; K. Yamashita,. P. Robotti; 2nd International Congress on Ceramics, Verona-Italy, June 29 - July 4, 2008
  • Mechanical properties and microstructural features of biomedical components produced by ebeam melting of CoCrMo powder; L. Facchini, E. Magalini, P. Robotti, A. Molinari; World Congress on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials – June 8-12, 2008 – Washington, D.C. (USA)
  • Plasma Spray Deposition of Titanium and Hydroxyapatite on PEEK and CFR-PEEK; P. Robotti et al.; Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting, April 22-25, 2009, San Antonio, Texas
  • In vitro and in vivo biological characterization on specimens made by SLM and EBM; E. Magalini, P. Robotti, E. Biemond, P. Buma; Rapid Implant Manufacturing Forum; Schamburg- IL- USA; May 13, 2009
  • Electrochemical Deposition of Calcium-Phosphate with Antibiotics for Bone-Interface Materials; R.Chiesa et al.; 22nd European Conference on Biomaterials, 08-12th September, 2009, Lausanne, CH
  • Complete coverage of Porous Substrate by Electrochemically Deposited Calcium Phosphate Coatings; D. Tonini et al.; 22nd European Conference on Biomaterials, 08-12th September, 2009, Lausanne, CH
  • Static and Fatigue Tensile Properties of Titanium-Coated Carbon Fibre-Reinforced PEEK; P. Robotti et al.; 22nd European Conference on Biomaterials, 08-12th September, 2009, Lausanne, CH
  • Frictional and bone ingrowth properties of engineered surface topographies produced by E-beam technology; J. E. Biemond, R. Aquarius, N. Verdonschot, P. Buma; Arch Orthop Trauma Surg, 2010
  • Ductility of a Ti-6Al-4V alloy produced by selective laser melting of prealloyed powders; L. Facchini, S. Hoeges, E. Magalini, P. Robotti, K. Wissenbach, A. Molinari; Rapid Prototyping Journal, 16/6 (2010) 450–459
  • Assesment of bone ingrowth potential of ebm produced specimens witn Biomimetic coating; JE Biemond , G Hannink, N Verdonschot, P Buma; EORS2010: June 30-July 2, 2010, Davos, CH
  • Metastable Austenite in 17-4 Precipitation-Hardening Stainless Steel Produced by Selective Laser Melting; L. Facchini et al.; Advanced Engineering Materials, 2010, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 184 -188
  • Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V produced by electron beam melting of pre-alloyed powders; L. Facchini et al; Rapid Prototyping Journal, 2009, Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 171-178
  • The effect of E-beam engineered surface structures on proliferation and differentiation of hMSCs; J.E. Biemond1, M. Giele, G. Hannink, N. Verdonschot, P. Buma; ORS 2010: Orthopaedic Research Society, 6-9 March, New Orleans - Louisiana, USA
  • In vivo assessment of bone ingrowth potential of 3-dimensional E-beam produced implant surfaces and the effect of additional treatment by acid-etching and hydroxyapatite coating; JE Biemond, G Hannink, AMG Jurrius,  N Verdonschot, P Buma; J Biomater Appl published online 27 January 2011, DOI: 10.1177/0885328210391495
  • The effect of bone ingrowth depth on the tensile and shear strength of the implant bone interface; M. Tarala, D. Waanders, J. E. Biemond, D. Janssen, N. Verdonschot; ORS 2011: Orthopaedic Research Society, 13-16 January, Long Beach-CAL-USA