• We invest in R&D

    At Eurocoating what counts more than anything else is Research and Development. 16 people out of 160 – 10% of our human resources – work daily to ensure continuous innovation.
  • Ti Growth®Ti Growth®

    The first titanium sponge applicable to prostheses made with thermal spray technology
  • Coating EvolutionCoating Evolution

    Our coatings are created through a lifetime’s experience
  • Additive ManufacturingAdditive Manufacturing

    We start from the customer’s CAD model, and we follow the project through to the end, including packaging and sterilization.

Scientific Publications

Scientific Publications

  • Since the ’90s we have been performing scientific, technical and biological research in collaboration with international partners. With more than 150 communications, our archive is an invaluable common heritage, available to all our partners.
  • NEWS

    Follow us and catch us

  • AAOS 2018
    March 6-10 New Orleans
    Visit us at: Booth 1337

  • JOA 2018
    May 24-27

  • EFFORT 2018
    May 30-June 1

  • OMTEC 2018
    June 12-14  Chicago
    Visit us at: Booth 431

  • Opening of China Facility
    Eurocoating and Surface Dynamics seek to strengthen global footprint with their first operation in the Asia Pacific area.